- Rus Fairy Tail Mercedes

- Mancura Brigitta

- R-n-B Perfect Cat*UA

- Belmicoons Big Eminence

- Dotcom RT Thunder Srike




: 23.10.2012
: (d 22)


HCM DNA MyBCP3: Negative (N/N)



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Belmicoons Big Eminence

MCO d 22

GIC Langstteich's Next Hero

MCO ds 22


Langstteich P'Non Plus Ultra

MCO as

Langstteich C.C. O'Predicat MCO a

H.T.Exclusiv Atlantica MCO gs


Langstteich's R'Dailey-News

MCO f 22

Langstteich's R.Replay MCO d 22

Langstteich's M'Deja-Vue

MCO n 09 23

A Red Pleasure of Shaggy Coons


MCO d 09


Yakimo of Shaggy-Coons

MCO d 09 22

GIC.Langstteich's Ferrari Junior

MCO d 09 23

DK Cooncats Coco MCO fs 22


CH Wyoming of Shaggy Coons

EC Gentle Lions Tyson of Badyusha
MCO e 22

Langstteich P'Riverdance MCO d 22


R-n-B Perfect Cat*UA


 CH. WCF. CH. TICA Winerau Ceylon of  Perfect Cat


MCO e 22


Justcoons Julius Cesar of Winerau,
MCO a 22 09

Vens Passion Porthos MCO n 22 09

Langstteichs NoVelle MCO f


h. A Winerau's Tracy

MCO fs

Yankee Cats Only Smokie MCO ns

A Winerau Naomi MCO f 22

Ch. (WCF)

A Wineraus Xenia of Perfect Cat*UA,
MCO f 22


Int. Ch. Quiggley of Magic Lake*DE,
MCO d 22

GIC St. John Avalon MCO ns 09 22

CH Witchbreeds Mauna Loa MCO fs 22


Ch. Justcoons Crazy Diamond*DE MCO f

Aloa Nifty Wolf MCO as

Langstteich NoVelle MCO f

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